We understand that this may be your first time in ordering custom printed clothing, Do not worry the process
is very simple and with over 18 year experience we shall make this a walk in the park for you.
We have heard it all before and you will not be the first to ask silly questions.

Will my order arrive on time?

We pride ourselves on getting garments to our customers on time. We have a strict policy not to accept orders
when we feel we are stretching ourselves on timeframes for orders to be dispatched. 99% of orders reach our customers
on time and we are always striving to improve our turnaround time.

What File Formats are accepted?

No matter what format your design comes to us in, we should be able to work with it. While we accept many formats, such as .jpg, gif, bmp and tiff file formats among others - the software may need to use placeholder images for files that cannot be translated into images. The popular file types of AI, EPS and PSD are some examples of these.

What is Vectorisation / Pixelation?

Pixelation plagues every designer at some point. Creating something they feel is a near-perfection and then having it turn out boxy, choppy, and sloppy is enough to break even the strongest of wills. Fear not! Our team of talented designers will happily tidy up any imperfections by enlarging your image and redbling its edges until you are satisfied with the end result. We can also change the color of your logo or add an outline if desired - just ask! Prices start at £15.00 +VAT for basic artwork fixing however the more complex artwork will require more time and cost slightly more.

Placement & Centering

As soon as you place your order, we take care of all the logistical aspects of production - double checking that your design is placed perfectly on your apparel, and ensuring it's aligned correctly so there'll be no need for adjustments after printing. We'll also fix any minor issues we might find and send you a preview before finalising anything. Removing Background Colors On Your Uploaded Images. When you upload your own design sometimes there's a box behind it that doesn't match the shirt colour. But don't worry because we'll take care of this for you after ordering by removing any boxes with colors in them so all we see is just the artwork and design on your custom printed garment.

Color Changes

If you wish to change colour with the artwork, Do not worry we can do this in house and is very simple for us to do. Even if you have a white design on a white background if it is a .png we can see and edit artwork for you with no challenges. Changing Your Uploaded Design We are happy to make changes to your design such as Name, Date, Year etc.. Please just let us know what needs amending and we can make the requested changes for you. Usually free of charge.

Ink Colour Contrast

We want to make sure that you are happy with what you get when your custom t-shirts arrive. So, while everyone's tastes are different, we'll let you know if the ink color won't show up well on the shirt because we don't want any surprises after they're delivered! Should this occur, we will notify you of our concerns by phone or email. If you would like our recommendations before placing your order. If you need more help with your graphics Here's what we can offer: